Glenn Reynolds: For true equality, prohibit the college box

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For some time now, activists have been waging a restriction the box project to promote equality. The box they wish to ban is the one on employment applications that asks whether the candidate has a criminal history. The concept is that asking them about criminal history disadvantages minority candidates who are more likely to have criminal records.

Sure, as an employer I’d want to understand if a prospective employee is a rapist, killer or robber. Nowadays there are so numerous Adrafinil purchase on the web felonies that the typical American commits 3 felonies a day without even knowing it, as Harvey Silverglate approximates.

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Brazil Students Occupy High Schools, Need Education Reform

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Gyms without a ceiling, some class with leaks, others without electricity - those are reports about Brazil's public school system from students in different parts of the country.

Brazil, in the midst of a political and economic chaos, is now facing its own Occupy Movement in public schools, where high school students have taken over more than 300 public spaces and formed committees to demand meetings with state officials.

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Andover hires new unique education director

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The school department recently revealed the hiring of a new director of student services the department overseeing unique education, nurses and social workers.

Sara Stetson, 49, of Stratham, New Hampshire, will begin July 1 under a three-year contract with a beginning wage of $128,000 a year. The departments she supervises have spending plans worth around $30 million, with the bulk of that in special education, which will cost the district $23 million next years.

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